Protecting your products is our way of
reducing your cost to serve. expanding your customer reach. helping you improve margins.

Readily available in quarts, gallons and other sized products.

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Stressful shipping problems costing
you time and money?

We’ve been there. Designed to prevent product damages that can hurt your margins, Safe-to-Ship™ uses durable, proprietary packaging technology to secure your ecommerce shipments and expand your distribution reach. Now that’s delivery done right!

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Deliver to More Doors Nationwide

This proprietary, innovative packaging is third-party tested to meet FedEx, UPS, and Amazon standards and protect your products during delivery, so you can simplify your sales process and deliver to more doors nationwide.

Reach More Doors

Withstand Even the Roughest Deliveries

To ensure your customers receive their products undamaged, we put this cost-saving solution to the test time and time again. Shakes, kicks, and falls… our Safe-to-Ship boxes survive it all!

About the Box

Prep Packages for Easy Shipping

Simply pull from your pallets, slap a shipping label on a Safe-to-Ship box, and you’re done! No more individually wrapping products or worrying about shifts and spills during shipping. That’s distribution made easy!

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It’s time to think about the box.

Think about all the problems Safe-to-Ship packaging can solve for your ecommerce business. With its protective packaging, it reduces hidden return costs and credits on orders, meaning easier selling and a lower cost to serve overall. Safe-to-Ship is one simple switch you can make to establish or expand your distribution business.

Readily available in quarts, gallons and other sized products.

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Tested to meet shipping standards for:

“Safe-to-Ship packaging is made from strong, sturdy materials, so you don’t have to worry about your customers’ products spilling or leaking during delivery. Fewer shipping delays and returns due to damage translates to higher savings for your bottom line.”

– Safe-to-Ship Packaging Engineer, Midlab

Don’t stress during delivery like Buddy did.
Get Safe-to-Ship instead!

Start saving with safer shipping!

Ship your MAXIM® products without worry to customers across the nation with our innovative Safe-to-Ship packaging. Fill out the form below or call (423) 370-0199 to get started.

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